ISS SSTV - Slow-Scan TV


Images can be received by merely holding your radio next to your smartphone.

And receive (pun intended) a QSL card for just HEARING the ISS - details below!

Black Cat Systems' CQ SSTV

for Apple iOS


on starting out in SSTV ops.

Amateur Radio on International Space Station



I never thought it could be so easy ...

Many of the images on this page were captured with a VERY basic setup: a Yaesu FT-60R radio programmed to 145.800mHZ, a simple tape measure beam, and a great ~$3.50 iOS app from Black Cat Systems entitled "CQ SSTV."

If the setup looks and sounds familiar, it's the same radio and antenna used to speak with an astronaut on Field Day - who was aboard the ISS at the time.

Receiving beautiful SSTV images from the ISS was really painless! I merely held my iPhone near my HT's speaker, set the app to the PD120 mode (the mode will be announced with the schedules), and received clean graphics immediately.

The link above to AMSAT-UK has a great page with setups for other computer operating systems.


I didn't think there was too much left in the amateur world to get me as excited ... but I was wrong!

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DECEMBER 31, 2023

Successful SSTV project last week. MORE coming in 2024!

SCROLL BELOW for info on obtaining a QSL card from the ISS, and possible "diplomas" offered!

YES - You can receive (pun intended) a QSL card from the ISS for just hearing it! Please send your QSL report by mail  to the address of the office listed below for your region. Include in your QSL report: date, time in UTC, frequency and mode (voice, packet or sstv). If you wish to receive a card, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with proper postage or with sufficient International Reply Coupons (at least 2 IRCs).


Send your QSL cards or reports to one of the following addresses:

United States:

Bruce Hunter, W6WW


13436 Lakota Road

Apple Valley CA 92308

Canada and the Americas, except USA:

Radio Amateurs of Canada


217-720 Belfast Rd

Ottawa Ontario

K1G 0Z5

Europe, Africa and the Middle East:

Christophe Candébat , F1MOJ

ARISS Europe QSL Manager

19 Chemin des Escoumeilles

66820 Vernet les Bains


Japan, Asia, Pacific and Australia:


JARL International Section

Otsuka HT Bldg.

3-43-1 Minamiotsuka


Tokyo 170-8073



Alexander Davydov, RN3DK

Novo - Mytishchinsky prospekt 52 - 111

Mytishchi 18, Moskovskaya obl.

141018, RUSSIA

That's front-page, above-the-fold coverage of our ARISS chat with the ISS!

Here's the project's Web site.

Several organizations have developed and offer free "diplomas" for your reception of SSTV images from the ISS. They are fun, artful - and when you see a PayPal button for any of these sites, please send a couple dollars in appreciation of their work for YOU!

Watch ISS/SSTV-related Facebook posts and sites for specific instructions for them!

And don't forget your ISS QSL Card! Please drop a bit of paper money in your mailed request ... these hams are ALL volunteers! This is THIS PAGE'S URL - the mailing addresses  are above!