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Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club, WA                           San Diego HamFest 2019

09/28/2019 - HAD A GREAT TIME!                                    10/05/2019 - HAD A GREAT TIME!


Indianapolis Radio Club                                                   TeamRadio Georgia     

11/08/2019 - ANOTHER MARVELOUS CLUB!                   08/15/2020 - 6AM Pacific??? (grin)


Think a 90-minute, informative, and FUN presentation on working satellites would be appropriate for YOUR club?

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BELOW - A few phographs: Celebrating my personal milestone of performing 100+ satellite presentations ... HRO-Anaheim's Ham Jam festivities, the San Diego HamFest 2019 ... Arrow Antenna "mods" ...  

Garden State ARA

What a great club!

North Agusta Belevedere RC

South Carolina - We warmed up together (g) - 09/14/2020

Scheduling more Zoom meetings for 2020

Going back East for a multi-club show later this year!

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