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"I really enjoyed Clint’s presentation last night. The fact that he had taken the time

to research and know something about his audience and welcomed interaction

made it very informative and enjoyable. This was a refreshing change from many

canned YouTube presentations I’ve tried to watch, which were poorly done, fuzzy video

or muddy audio,or a badly prepared presenter stumbling his way through, with any

valuable info lost along the way. Thanks for hooking this one up.”


      -Yucaipa Valley ARC (CA)                                                -Antelope Valley ARC (CA)

       Zoom antenna-building party!                                        We partied for 2.5 hours!


      -Dixie Ham, St. George UT                                              -MidState ARC, Franklin IN

      -Delaware Valley Radio Assn                        

      -Austin, Texas                                                                    -Imperial Valley

      -White Mountain Radio Club                                           -Wellesley Amateur Radio Society     

      -Garden State ARA                                                           -West Valley ARC

      -Antelope Valley ARC                                                       -Arlington VA

      -Central New Hampshire ARC                                         -Saratoga FL

      -South Orange County CA ARA                                      -South Jersey

      -Clearwater ARC                                                               -Utah Valley (#125)

      -Conejo Valley                                                                   -Fair Lawn ARC

      -SciTech STARS                                                                -Blue Ridge ARC, NC

      -Portage County (OH) ARS                                              -Portland

      -Longmont Colorado (#132)                                            -ARA of SW Florida

      -Chattanooga TN                                                              -Torrance CA

      -RARA New York (136)                                                      -TEAC Texas (137)

      -Langley - Canada                                                             -Niagra

      -West Coast - Canada                                                       -Valley of the Moon

      -Tampa FL

Think a 75-minute, informative, and FUN presentation on working satellites would be appropriate for YOUR club?

Send me an email message!

    Scheduling more Zoom meetings ...

What busy background?

Hams, indeed - and the prototype Heil 999.

Presenting Chriisty's club a TH-D72a, Arrow, and RTSystems software.  

Yes - that IS a Buzz Aldrin shirt (and he  

wants it back ASAP ... )

Antelope Valley ARC

Gotta keep your beam clean!

The wonderful Carl Gardenias ...

The wonderful manager of HRO-Anaheim, Janet KL7MF ...

Memories ...

Bill ... being Bill  ...