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Clint Bradford K6LCS

Jurupa Valley, CA DM13fx

Work-Sat's Voicemail:

(909) 999-SATS

(909) 999-7287

ARRL ACC, instructor ... ARISS volunteer ... ARRL Legacy Circle member ... AMSAT Ambassador

There are a few videos of my presentation out there ... on convention or club sites. But there's a couple of reasons I haven't published one here ...

1. Each of my shows is very-much-personalized for its audience. There are 23-26 "slides" that are audience-specific that get changed. It would just be weird to have you listen to club-specific information for someone else's club!

2. Like books on many topics, once they are published, they are outdated. And so are these satellite presentations. Timely information I give tonight regarding ISS operations and "current status" of some satellites will change and might  NOT be current next week - as life goes on.

SO ... As you cruise the 'Net for satellite information, make sure the sites you bookmark respect you enough to DATE THEIR INFORMATION! A Scout leader called me up a couple years ago after a Field Day, and was irritated that he was not able to work AO-51 for his large gathering. He cruised the 'Net and found "Easy Sats to Work!" info for AO-51 - and set up his equipment for AO-51. Well, AO-51 passed away / ceased operating 11/29/2011. But that Web site he used didn't tell its visitors that: It was a OLD article, current when it was originally published ...

QUICKIE BIO - I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1994, and also involved in the commercial side of the radio industry for several years. My “How to Work the Amateur Satellites With Your HT” presentation has informed and delighted  more than 140 audiences the past few years: clubs, conventions, and hamfests not only in Southern California, but also to clubs across North America and Canada.

Would this presentation be of interest to your club? Contact me!

Professionally, I was sales manager for ADI / Premier Communications / Pryme, worked for a Motorola commercial two-way dealer, and for Ham Radio Outlet - Anaheim.

I reside in Jurupa Valley, California, with my wife, Karen, and our new lab, Huck. Our rescued lab, Freja, had to be euthanized in October, 2023.

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Freja regularly worked 1.2g GHz with those ears ...