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The AO-51 and ARISSat-1 projects are long gone (click on those names to read about them). But we still have SO-50 -  and the ISS - available to work with minimal equipment! Check status pages - on the right!
SO-50 is working great! I have read a couple reports of slightly degraded performance in the middle of the night (the bird is 11 years old) - but other operators say it’s fine 24/7! Please work SO-50 in “full duplex” mode: Monitor the downlink as you transmit. That means using a second radio/scanner on RX, and an earpiece to monitor. 
And even if you are not set up for packet ops, it’s still fun to track the ISS and its packet bursts! Additionally, November, 2013 saw more than 60 satellites deployed - several with ham experiments aboard -  and capable of being monitored with minimal equipment!
Satellites AO-7, FO-29 (JAS-2), and VO-52 (Hamsat) have SSB/CW transponders on board.Sat_Skeds_files/FM-SATS-2015A.pdfFUNDRAISING.htmlhttp://www.issfanclub.comSSTV.htmlSSTV.htmlSat_Skeds_files/AO-27.jpgAO-51.htmlARISSat-1.html
Gorgeous shot on the ISS.
Which are the “Easy” Sats?

Schedules, Status Pages

SO-50 status - working great!

AO-27 info - DO NOT USE YET! Sked app.

ISS Info - packet UP, FM repeater DOWN.

AO-73 - the UK’s FunCube project!

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Live OSCAR Status Page

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the ISS, SO-50, AO-73, FO-29, and VO-52 are!
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Get ready to work AMSAT-NA’s Fox-1 satellite!

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