11/06/2014 - Up for a 7-day auction at eBay is a prototype mounting bracket for satellite AO-40. As with the previous items, all proceeds will be forwarded to AMSAT-NA for their FOX satellite projects.

The eBay Auction Page

I acquired this from AMSAT-NA several years ago - as a fundraiser item. It has been passed around and enjoyed at about 80 of my presentations ... and now needs a new home. Bids start at US$100. “Buy It Now” has been set to US$250. 

THANK YOU to those who contributed to the items posted earlier this week! ALL are already in the mail to you (the US addresses via USPS Priority Mail, the gentleman in Europe via USPS 1st Class International Mail). That $100 raised has already been forwarded to AMSAT-NA.

A few archival photographs from the AO-40 project appear below, including actual deployment on November 16, 2000.

NOV 7, 2014 - Four, no, THREE more Apollo-Soyuz commemorative plate blocks of 24 stamps available! 

US$20 each - includes USPS Priority Mail to US addresses. Outside the US? We’ll need to discuss postage costs - I’ll split it with you 50/50. 

Click on the image below for a full-sized photo!

Click here to send email and claim one for yourself - I will use email time stamps to determine first four winners! PayPal, personal checks, money orders accepted.FUNDRAISING_files/FM-SATS-2015A.pdfFUNDRAISING_files/

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