Tracking the Satellites


You need to know WHEN and WHERE the satellites are passing over you. Listed to the right are several supported satellite tracking programs - as well as absolutely FREE online sites with reliable tracking info!

Get into the habit of updating your Keplerian data weekly ... especially if you’re thinking of working the ISS - since its orbit is repositioned often.

There are many other sat tracking programs out there. But if it hasn’t been updated in several years ... nor has any immediate support for users - then I just don’t recommend it for hams starting out working the satellites. We’re here to make this FUN and EASY for you!


When and Where are They?

Commercial Programs ...

-PocketSat3 - ‘droid and older iOS - $25

-MacDoppler  - $85-98

-SATPC32 - $45-55

-GPREDICT - Linux/Mac/ more - free

-AmsatDroid FREE

-GoSatWatch - iOS devices - $10

-Nova for Windows - Freeware

Links checked 02/2018

Online FREE Tracking Info ...

AMSAT - Adjust pass times for GMT!

Heavens Above - Chris Peat’s site

Keplerian Elements - AMSAT-NA updates these Keplerian data files weekly. Offered are NASA (2-line), AMSAT (verbose), bare NASA, and even .pdb (Palm) versions!

SSTV Pad from Black Cat Systems enables the decoding and displaying of amateur radio Slow Scan TV transmissions. It can be as simple as placing your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch near your radio’s speaker!

ISS SSTV images sent April 11 weekend - CLICK HERE for to see how well SSTV Pad works!

Just a map showing sat footprints on Earth.